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sciatic pain

Sciatica or the sciatic pain is one of the most common pain treated in physiotherapy clinic along with back pain. Pain along the sciatic nerve course is termed as sciatica. The pain radiates to the back of hip, the back of thigh and the leg. There are various cause to have this type of pain.
Causes of sciatica
Degenerative changes of the spine or the age- related changes of the spine is one of the common contributing factor of this pain. Bony spurs or the osteophytes which develop as a part of ageing process compresses the nerve and thus produces pain in the area which are being supplied by the nerve. Bulged disc, poor posture, obesity are the contributing factors.
Very mild pain may get relieved by improving posture. A detailed assessment is required to rule out pain radiating due to prolapsed disc, involvement of piriformis muscle or any other cause. Depending upon the nerve root involved a physiotherapy plan is made. Physiotherapy modalities like ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, interferential therapy helps in relieving pain. Stretching and strengthening exercises are being done to treat the cause. Physiotherapist guide the patient about self-stretching exercises and precautions like sitting posture and overall posture correction exercises. Patient continues with long term strengthening exercise program to prevent the reoccurrence of the pain.

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