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Counting Muskaan

We take joy in the fact that we have a “first name basis” relationship with most of our patients. Starting from a 3 yr old to a army verteran of 85, we know them all. Over the years, Muskaan has successfully built a strong community presence in East Delhi and beyond. We call this phenomenon “Counting Muskaan” and here is what few of our patients have to say about their experience and relationship with us.

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Counting Muskaan

My elder sister recommended me to Muskaan  during my pregnancy, she too had consulted Muskaan during her pregnancy. I was experiencing inflammatory gum issues and was apprehensive about taking any medication. Being pregnant meant, lot of No’s and Dr. Goel did a terrific job in addressing all my concerns and resolving my problem. What really stood out was that he not only patiently handled my queries but also educated me about how I can prevent such problems to happen in future. Our entire family is based out of East Delhi and Dr Gaurav Goel has become more or less our family doctor for all our dental issues.

Shraddha Arora, Housewife


My 4 year old kid had developed cavities and taking him to a doctor in Vasant Kunj was a torturous experience for everyone. As luck would have it, I got introduced to Dr. Gaurav Goel cause of our Delhi Public School connect. I was shocked to see my son respond so well to his treatment. I think with Doctors its all about trust and my 4 year old was able to instantly connect with him. I strongly recommend Muskaan clinic to all the mothers out there, trust me they know how to handle kids.

Vinita Rai Khosla, Mother of 2 adorable kids


Dr Goel is a gem of a person, he has kept things really simple and this simplicity extends to the way he handles even his patients. I am a NRI based out of Toronto, Canada and visit my family in India every year. And during my visit in 2012, I got in touch with Muskaan clinic to get my crown done. I was skeptical to start with but when I heard this young, enterprising doctor (Dr Gaurav Goel) about how he would go about the entire procedure, his pure conviction and confidence made me feel completely at ease. He delivered what he said and I would rate the over all experience at par with my doctor of last 20 years in Toronto, Canada.

Evelyn Yardley – Canadian National


My family has been a regular at Muskaan clinic for the last 3 + years. Dr. Gaurav Goel was one of the empanelled doctor’s on our company list and I visited him first for a root canal. My dental health has gone up quite a few notches just cause of Dr. Gaurav’s persistent suggestions on dental hygiene. How he sensitizes a person to develop habits, which can save them from a life full of dental miseries are definitely one of his hallmark’s. I have probably recommended him to everyone I know in my network and the best part is that unlike most of the doctor’s he is always approachable.

Jayant Shah, General Manager in a PSU


I think with Doctor’s the biggest problem is approachability and accessibility. When it comes to Musakaan clinic, there doctor’s are always approachable. Their polite demeanor and personalized approach is BIG PLUS. You can always call them to seek their advise without thinking twice whether “it’s OK to call or not”.

Sujoy Singh – IT Professional


I had a painful road accident in November 2013 cause of which I had to undergo a knee surgery. The recovery post surgery was taking lot of time and that’s when our neighbours referred us to Dr Deepshikha Goel at Muskaan clinic. Switching over to Muskaan clinic turned out to be one of the best decisions I have yet taken in my life. I was really happy and satisified with the personalized schedule they provided me at Muskaan. Dr. Deepshikha Goel knew exactly when to push me and when to ease me during our sessions. She is a hard task master. Things started to turn around and all thanks to Dr Goel’s persistence and patience, I was able to get back on my feet just in time for my brothers wedding. Thanks Doc !!

Alex Thomax, Investor Banker


I’ve recently finished one month of treatment sessions for my chronic back pain at Muskaan. I chose the IP extension location because it is close to my home. I really had a wonderful experience. The staff is really courteous and helpful. The facility is well-equipped and immaculate. My therapist Dr. Deepshikha Goel, was extremely knowledgeable. She used a variety of techniques and assigned me a home program of posture correction exercises. The pain has largely subsided and I am considerably more informed about my condition. Thank you, Dr. Deepshikha !!

Srikanth Sahu, Network Engineer


Dr Deepshikha Goel is an outstanding therapist – she helped me get over my age old back problem by correcting basic flaws in my standing, working and sleeping posture. She was unfailingly enthusiastic, a great listener and a skilled finder of trigger points. I was provided ample information and training on home exercises so that I could continue the good work she did onsite. As the name suggests, Muskaan clinic really puts a smile on your face.

Sukriti Mohan Roy, Stage Performer


What a wonderful couple the Goels are, they greet you with a smile and are always accessible. And Dr. Deepshikha Goel is the most gifted physical therapist, I have ever met. I was so impressed with how well-informed she was about my injury since it is not very common. She started the long slow process of therapy on my injured shoulder and damaged nerves. And today cause of her conviction and care, I am on my way to recovery.

Vaikund Mathur, Sportsperson

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